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Detection of life in the Matrix could destroy the universe

Scientists Detection of life in the Matrix could destroy the universe 1

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have come to the conclusion that experiments designed to discover whether humanity lives in the matrix or not can either prove nothing or destroy the Universe.

The matrix theory has existed since ancient times, which quite logically leads to the question, or maybe everything that happens is some kind of simulation? Is there a way to prove it?

Since the 1990s, researchers in the natural and social sciences have been using computer simulations to answer some questions, such as about wars or political systems. The quality of these simulations varies due to the limitations of computers.

But what if these technological limitations did not exist? Philosopher Nick Bostrom raised the issue in 2003, suggesting that humanity lives in a matrix simulation created by a more advanced civilization.

Bostrom argued that if you believe that humanity will be able to perform many advanced simulations compared to its predecessors, then there is reason to believe that humanity is now in a simulation of a future civilization.

This can lead to the fact that the number of fictional people will exceed the number of their opposites. If so, then there is a high probability that this is a simulation.

Simulation hypothesis: the hypothesis that the reality around us is a simulation. To make the simulation look realistic for its perception by the recipient, the program adjusts to its perception, forming material objects, the mind and consciousness of the recipient.

The main work in this area is Nick Bostrom’s article “The Simulation Proof”, published in 2003 in the journal “Philosophical Quarterly”.

The earth would be just one of many matrices. Some experts argue that it could be a project to study the history of mankind.

As Nobel Prize-winning physicist George Smoot explained, “If you’re an anthropologist and historian and you want to understand the rise and fall of civilizations, you need to run a lot of simulations involving millions or billions of people.”

Can the discovery of a simulation destroy the universe?

Although this theory may seem strange, it has many important followers. Perhaps the most recognizable of these is American entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Also in 2012, inspired by Bostrom’s work, physicists at the University of Washington conducted an empirical experiment. Although the details are intricate, the basic idea is simple: Some simulations of the universe made on modern computers show characteristic anomalies.

For example, there are control deficiencies in the behavior of simulated cosmic rays. Physicists suggest that a closer study of the cosmic rays of the universe could reveal similar anomalies, which would indicate the presence of life in the simulation.

Similar experiments were proposed in 2017-2018 with the promising claim that physics is capable of proving life in the matrix. So far, no experiment has proven anything.

But, as some scientists assure, it is better to never carry them out, since their implementation can lead to the destruction of the Universe.

If a researcher wants to test the effectiveness of a new drug, it is important that the subjects do not know whether they are being given the drug or a placebo. If volunteers find out what they are given, then the test loses its meaning.

The same example was applied by Preston Green, assistant professor of philosophy at Nanyang Technological University.

“If our universe was created by an advanced civilization for research purposes, then of course it is important for researchers that we do not find that we are in a simulation. If we prove that we are living in a simulation, this may force our creators to stop the simulation – they will destroy the world “, – he said.

Although, most likely, the proposed experiments will not prove anything. In this case, nothing will happen. But that won’t stop further research.

Therefore, the hidden danger always remains. In addition, not a single physicist who has exhibited simulation experiments considers the consequences of his work catastrophic.

This is somewhat surprising, since Bostrom himself directly pointed to destruction as the cause of the disappearance of mankind.

The discovery that we live in the matrix can be dangerous, so we face a difficult scenario: live in ignorance or move on and be destroyed by our own curiosity.


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