Details of Nazi Germany’s secret operation to explore Antarctica revealed

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(ORDO NEWS) — Just before the outbreak of World War II, the Nazis were trying to find places where military bases could be located. Antarctica seemed to them the best option. It was there that in 1938 an expedition was sent, which consisted of 82 people.

They were able to explore this continent, and also found a place where they could build a military base.

The Spanish Internet publication El Diario gave details of this expedition. The Nazis used the Passat and Borey seaplanes, which they had previously improved so that they could easily withstand temperatures below 50 degrees.

The publication noted that the expedition had provisions for only one month. Additionally, they took Nazi flags with them, with which they planned to mark the territory.

The team traveled to Antarctica for almost a month. They landed in the area of ​​Queen Maud Land. The Nazis initially looked after this region, because even a few years before the expedition they needed places in the southern hemisphere to equip a military base.

The reason for this was that a conflict with some countries was brewing. Also, Hitler was attracted by Antarctica due to the fact that it was a good source of additional profit.


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