Desperate economic situation in Italy

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Amid a raging coronavirus epidemic in Italy, economic problems are exacerbating. The Italian version of the Huffington Post interviewed residents of different cities of the country how quarantine affected their financial situation.

The author of the article, Gabriella Cerami, notes that the situation in the country is heating up.

“Without money it’s hard to stay at home. This applies to those who have work, but they have not yet received a single euro from the Salary Guarantee Fund. Those who have no work. The army of those who work in black and can no longer fulfill orders in order to somehow make ends meet,” the author writes.

Residents of different regions and cities of Italy complain that they are practically starving, because they have no money and no work.

“We don’t have a single euro left, we won’t last another week,” a resident from Palermo says and asks Prime Minister Conte for immediate answers, otherwise “the revolution will begin”.

“I can’t stand it anymore, I’m bankrupt, we are starved,” echoes Malielisa, a small businessman from Bari. Another resident of Bari invites home: “Please go to the house to look. I have nothing left. I have to eat.”

Mass protests have not yet broken out, but more and more in different cities in Italy, supermarkets are forced to resort to the help of the police in order to take away from people products for which they do not want to pay.

“Try to ask them: why don’t you sing anymore?” – the author concludes.

The death toll from coronavirus in Italy exceeded 10 thousand , 889 people died in a day, said Angelo Borrelli, head of the country’s civil defense service, on Saturday, March 28.

Italy ranks first in Europe for the spread of coronavirus. On March 27, the death toll per day set a new record: 969 people died .

The infection rate is high among Italian doctors – 9% of the number of infected. The number of medical workers infected with coronavirus in Italy reached 6.5 thousand people. The number of deaths among employees of medical institutions has reached 51.


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