Description of the appearance of UFOs in China between 1022-1063

(ORDO NEWS) — A fragment of an ancient manuscript called “Strange Incidents” contains an unusual story about an unidentified flying object.

A writer named Shen wrote that during the reign of Emperor Renzong (1022-1063), an object as bright as a pearl sometimes hovered over Yangzhou City at night, first noticed by locals in eastern Anhui and then in Jiangsu.

Shen described this flying object;

..the door opened and a stream of intense light similar to the rays of the sun poured out, then the outer shell opened up to reveal a huge, with a large pearl the size of a fist, illuminating the inside with a silvery white light , was too powerful for human eyes to cast shadows on every tree within a ten mile radius.

The sight was like the rising sun casting a red light on the distant sky and forests.Then, suddenly, the object took off at great speed and descended on the lake like a setting sun “.

Shen went on to say that Yibo, a poet from Gaoyu, wrote a poem about this “pearl” after he witnessed it. Shen wrote that since the “pearl” often appeared in the vicinity of Fangliang in Yangzhou, the inhabitants erected a “Pearl Pavilion” on the shore, where people sailed in boats in the hope of seeing a mysterious flying object.


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