Description of the appearance of UFOs in antiquity

(ORDO NEWS) — In ancient manuscripts, you can find several interesting cases of the appearance of unusual UFOs.

UFO sighting in 1478 AD – Milan, Italy

Description of the appearance of UFOs in antiquity 1

According to Conrad Lycosthenes, during the battle (the Pazzi War) two fiery crosses were observed in the sky over Milan. This information is contained in the manuscript “Lycosthenes, Prodigiorum ac ostentorum Chronicon”

UFO sighting in 1547 AD – Glarus, Switzerland

Description of the appearance of UFOs in antiquity 2

A large white cross, two golden lions, and an army of black knights fought each other in the sky. At some point during the battle, one of the golden lions lost his head. this is how what happened in the manuscript “Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch.

UFO sighting April 14, 1561 AD – Nuremberg, Germany

Description of the appearance of UFOs in antiquity 2

A famous incident known as the Nuremberg Sky Battle: Between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m., many people saw a breathtaking sight in the sky:

Two blood-red semi-circular arcs appeared in the center of the sun. There were several blue, black and red spheres around the sun. Some of the spheres flew in two types of formations: the first is a line composed of three spheres, the other is a square composed of four spheres.

Red crosses were also seen, as well as several small cylinders and three large ones. The spheres flew towards the sun, returned, and all the objects in the sky began to fight with each other.

After an hour of fierce fighting, some of the objects caught fire and collapsed to the ground, leaving behind a lot of smoke and fire. After all this, a huge black spear-shaped object appeared in the sky. The text does not say what happened after this phenomenon.

What happened is described in detail in the manuscript “Erscheinung am Himmel uber Niirnberg”


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