Denman Glacier is melting incredibly quickly in Antarctica

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A study of the territory of Antarctica showed that, due to global warming, approximately 596 of the 674 glaciers are retreating under the pressure of warm waters rising to the surface of the ocean. Melting ice collapses and leads to a rise in the level of the oceans.

The Denman Glacier is located in a depression of 3.5 kilometers. Its length is 39 km, and its width is up to 19 km. Recent studies have shown that the glacier has an unreliable base, as a result of which there is a displacement of the soil and floating borders of the glacier.

For 22 years, this border has moved 6 kilometers. The ice mass was reduced by 250 billion tons.

According to Eric Rigman of the University of California, it is likely that it is the Denman Glacier that will cause a sharp rise in sea level.

A special form of the base of the glacier can lead to a rapid retreat of the glacier, the amount of melt water will grow at a tremendous pace.

If a whole glacier collapses, the ocean will rise one and a half meters. Scientists suggest that irreversible changes will occur sooner than previously thought.


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