Deadly fungus discovered sexual reproduction

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2009, a previously unknown yeast fungus was discovered in a 70-year-old Japanese woman. These organisms, called Candida auris, have spread and become a public health threat.

The main feature of fungi is that they are resistant to many drugs. Now scientists have discovered that the problem could be worse than everyone thought.

Normally, yeast reproduces asexually. But researchers at McMaster University in Canada have found signs of sexual reproduction in C. auris. This can lead to more drug-resistant and virulent strains of the fungus.

The fact is that during sexual reproduction, recombination occurs, that is, the shuffling of genetic information. This allows the body to better adapt to changing conditions.

Even though not all C. auris seem to be able to mate, even infrequent cases can potentially lead to drug resistance and make the pathogen worse for humans.


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