Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in the world, claiming the lives of about 10 million people in 2020. Most often, people die from cancer of the breast, lung, colon or rectum, and prostate.

The problem is big, so scientists are constantly looking for ways to treat such diseases and often share good results – it has recently been found that the tetanus vaccine can be an effective remedy against cancer.

With timely diagnosis, cancers are treatable and today they are far from the worst. There are deadly diseases in which doctors cannot help in any way – we will talk about them now.

Mad cow disease is a deadly brain disease.

You can start the list with mad cow disease, which is also known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The causative agents of the disease are not bacteria and viruses, but prions, which are tangled and damaged proteins.

When prions enter the body, they settle on the surface of cells and interact with normal proteins, making them pathological. The disease can begin at any age but usually affects middle-aged and older men and women.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 2
Mad cow disease infects the human brain and leads to death

Sounds complicated, so let’s just say it. Mad cow disease affects the brain and spinal cord, as well as nerve endings – they are destroyed and this process is difficult to stop.

The disease occurs gradually, the incubation period can last from 7 to 10 years. An infected person begins to experience problems with thinking, loses the ability to move freely and eventually simply dies due to a stoppage of the brain.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 3
Over time, the human brain completely stops working

It is impossible to completely cure a person from mad cow disease, doctors can only temporarily eliminate the symptoms.

Fatal insomnia – a person dies from lack of sleep

The culprits of this disease are also prions. The disease is inherited – a person develops amyloid plaques in the thalamus, the part of the brain that is responsible for sleep.

At the beginning of the disease, insomnia occurs in patients, but the situation is constantly aggravated and they completely lose the ability to sleep.

Usually a person does not sleep for about three months and at this time rapidly loses weight. The very last stage of the disease can last 6 months – the person stops talking and responding to stimuli, after which he dies.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 4
Man with fatal insomnia at an early stage of the disease

There is no effective treatment for fatal insomnia. Even sleeping pills do not help, because the disease disrupts the deep mechanism of sleep.

Rabies – death by paralysis

Another disease that cannot be cured is rabies. Its causative agent is the Rabies virus, which can enter the human body along with the saliva of an infected animal.

The virus quickly moves along the nerve pathways and reaches the salivary glands, brain cells and other vital parts of the body, causing them to malfunction.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 5
The rabies virus can destroy the entire body

The incubation period can last a whole year, that is, at first the disease does not make itself felt. But when the first signs appear, such as high body temperature, fear of light, increased salivation and aggression, it is too late.

A person can be saved only with the help of a vaccine, which must be delivered as soon as possible after infection. Rabies-infected people usually die of respiratory and cardiac paralysis.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 6
Rabies is usually transmitted from wild animals

Marburg hemorrhagic fever

This deadly disease is also known as green monkey disease. For the first time about this disease became known only in 1967.

Then monkeys of the species Cercopithecus aethiops were brought from Uganda to Europe – they were opened in order to create a vaccine against polio from tissues. It turned out that they contained viruses that cause an acute viral disease that is very difficult.

After an incubation period of 2 to 16 days, a person’s body temperature rises, the digestive organs are affected, dehydration, confusion and other severe symptoms occur.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 7
Monkey Cercopithecus aethiops

There is no effective treatment for Marburg fever. Doctors can only help patients survive by managing dehydration and all other symptoms.

Progressive fibrodysplasia

With this deadly and untreatable genetic disease, the muscles, tendons and ligaments of a person gradually turn into bones. It is impossible to contract this disease, because at its core it is a mutation that is transmitted from parents.

At an early age, the disease does not cause any particular inconvenience, but over time, at the age of 10 years, it becomes simply impossible to live with muscles and tendons turning into hard bones and a person dies, completely losing his usual appearance.

Deadly diseases that are considered worse than cancer 8
Human skeleton with fibrodysplasia


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