Days will get longer if polar ice caps continue to melt

(ORDO NEWS) — The scientist said that he is waiting for the Earth if climate change continues with the same intensity as it is now. The islands will disappear, and another ice age awaits Europe.

Earth science expert Mathieu Morlighem spoke about what our planet might look like in a hundred years.

He believes that if the ice caps at the poles of our planet continue to melt, then the days could become longer. The fact is that due to rising sea levels, the Earth will begin to rotate more slowly, the researcher is sure.

The bad news is that about 40% of the world’s population will be affected by rising sea levels. This mainly applies to those who live on the coast of the sea.

Professor Morligham also mentioned the Gulf Stream, the huge circulation system that moves Caribbean waters to the Arctic, where they cool and return south.

If too much fresh water enters the Arctic, then oceanic circulation could slow down and the Gulf Stream would “stop.” Temperatures in Europe will plummet, and a mini-ice age will set in, and the length of the day may increase.

He explained this by the fact that the melted water due to gravitational attraction will be unevenly distributed throughout the globe. Most likely, the day will become longer by 10-20 seconds.

According to the expert, for the polar caps to completely melt, millennia may pass. Therefore, such an apocalyptic scenario, probably, does not threaten us in the next 100 years.


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