David Bowie was convinced his father’s ghost was calling him on the phone

(ORDO NEWS) — The music legend, who passed away in 2016, previously recounted his own potentially paranormal experience.

Throughout his incredible life, Bowie has been no stranger to “otherworldly” themes, as his most famous stage persona, Ziggy Stardust, was based on the concept of an alien rock star who came to Earth with a message of hope.

However, in 1969, Bowie had an experience that led him to believe that his late father, Heywood Jones, was trying to contact him from beyond.

The story goes that for several days after Jones’ death, Bowie’s phone mysteriously rang at the same time every day for an entire week.

According to drummer John Cambridge, who knew Bowie, the phenomenon began after he moved to a country house in Derbyshire.

He said that no one ever answered when he said “hello” and he was sure that it was his father letting him know that everything was in order, “recalls Cambridge.

An explanation for the mysterious phone calls has never been found.


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