Dark matter and dark energy

(ORDO NEWS) — Ordinary observable matter (such as galaxies, stars, and planets) makes up only about 5% of the universe.

The remaining 95% of outer space is made up of the elusive dark energy (68%) and dark matter (27%) that we know exist but cannot yet directly observe or measure.

The key evidence is:

  • Dark energy causes the Universe not only to expand, but to do so at an increasing rate. In other words, dark energy opposes gravity;
  • Dark matter ensures the stability of galaxies and galaxy clusters. If galaxies were exclusively visible matter, then they could not exist for a long time, self-destructing in the process of rotation. In addition, dark matter is able to explain the inhomogeneities of the CMB (thermal radiation left over from the Big Bang ).

All this suggests that we know practically nothing about 95% of the Universe. However, we are slowly but surely approaching the moment of discovery of these “mysterious forces and substances.”


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