Dangerous star is now capable of destroying the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of astronomers from different countries, led by Kosuke Namekata of Kyoto University in Japan, recorded an incredibly powerful flare, as well as the coronal mass ejection that followed it into space. It happened on a star called EK Draconis.

The star is, like the Sun, a yellow dwarf. The object is located at a distance of 110 light years from our planet.

A study by experts has shown that the Sun and similar stars can be very unstable. Often, incredibly powerful plasma ejections occur on them, which may well destroy the atmosphere of those planets that are nearby.

There are constant flares on the Sun. These emissions cause a fast stream of charged particles with a very high temperature to be sent into outer space.

Because of this, magnetic storms arise on our planet, sometimes electronics start to work worse. The magnetic field protects the Earth from the influence of the solar wind.

When experts observed the star EK Draconis, they recorded an incredibly powerful flare and a giant coronal mass ejection into space.

If something similar happened on the Sun, it would cause the death of all life osun Источник: https://www.planetanovosti.com/opasnaya-zvezda-solntse-pryamo-seychas-sposobno-unichtozhit-zemlyn Earth. Theoretically, this can happen, because the Sun is among the yellow dwarfs.

The speed of the flow reached 1.6 million kilometers per hour, and its size was about 10 times larger than the largest that was recorded on the Sun.

Such a flow would not only destroy the Earth’s atmosphere, but would also make the planet completely sterile.


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