Dangerous parasite is spreading across the Earth, devouring the human brain

(ORDO NEWS) — Dangerous diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria and microorganisms that are found in certain areas. A dangerous single-celled creature in water bodies in the southern United States is the amoeba. Recent studies have shown that it is now spreading to the northern regions

The danger was announced by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Experts have studied cases of infection with primary amoebic meningoencephalitis over the past four decades. The number of patients does not change every year, but the geography of the disease is expanding.

Amoeba literally devours the brain, ill people are almost always doomed to death. You can get infected if you accidentally swallow water teeming with non glare through your nose. The first few weeks may be all right, and then the incubation period comes to an end – the destruction of nerve tissues begins.

Amoeba loves bodies of water with temperatures above 45 ° C. Consequently, with the progression of global warming, the spread of the microorganism will increase. It is important to note that the pathogen must enter the nose, no infection occurs through the mouth.


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