Dangerous mutations found in male sperm

(ORDO NEWS) — Almost everyone knows that mutations can occur in any cell of the human body. Experts warned that sperm cells in this case cannot be called an exception.

Reported by Cell.

Experts emphasize the fact that during development, throughout life and during aging, cells can accumulate a wide variety of mutations. This becomes the reason for the emergence of mosaicism. This phenomenon implies the content of a different DNA sequence in the cells of the same person.

As a rule, mosaicism occurs in absolutely all people, but in most cases it goes unnoticed. But when the number of abnormal cells is several times greater than that of healthy cells, this can provoke the development of all sorts of dangerous diseases. In the event that a violation of the genetic code occurs in sperm or eggs, this can affect not only the carrier, but also future generations.

American experts said that the presence of mutations in sperm cells can provoke the development of dangerous disorders. The most likely are epilepsy and autism. They found that each male ejaculate contains approximately 30 different mutations. 

At the same time, no changes were observed in the saliva or blood of the participants in the experiment. The author of the study, Xiaoxi Yang, spoke about this.

Similar results indicate that mutations of this nature occur exclusively in male germ cells. The scientist also added that abnormalities in the genetic code can be present in every 15 men on the planet. Accordingly, 15% of cases of congenital heart disease, autism and other serious diseases in newborns are the result of mutations in the sperm.

Today, experts are doing everything possible to establish the reasons for such deviations.


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