Dangerous diseases that kill silently and without symptoms

(ORDO NEWS) — People often go to the doctor only when something starts to hurt them, and even then not always. There is a whole list of diseases that kill without being noticed. Some of them at first glance seem harmless at all.

The most common problem is hypertension. It cannot be felt, the only possible symptom is mild headaches, which people often attribute to fatigue. If the pressure rises to 135/95, then you can already sound the alarm, because the risk of stroke increases significantly.

Polycystic ovary disease is a clinical syndrome characterized by slight obesity, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, and an excess of androgens. The cause of the disease is an increased level of male hormones.

Lung cancer is inconspicuous until stage four. Distinctive features – blood in sputum, dramatic weight loss, mild cough. At the fourth stage, severe pain appears, which only gets worse every day.

Glaucoma is a common cause of blindness in which pressure builds up in the eyeball. The disease does not manifest itself until the person begins to lose vision dramatically.

And the last disease is sexually transmitted – chlamydia . Only after a certain time there is pain during urination, unusual discharge, discomfort during intercourse.


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