Daily Wire ridicules singer Madonna for a video on “coronavirus equality”

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Everyone is equal before the new virus, regardless of wealth, fame and personal qualities – such a thought pop star Madonna decided to share this idea in social networks.

According to the Daily Wire, the singer talks about equality, sitting in a luxurious bath with rose petals. According to commentator Ben Shapiro, celebrities are just bored in quarantine and they crave attention.

Celebrities are very bored. In my opinion, this quarantine, this strict isolation showed, first of all, that celebrities more than anything else crave attention. Therefore, they publish the video on which they sing Imagine, and tell on Instagram how hard life is in their luxurious palaces and all that.

Listen, celebrities, we don’t care … That’s what many celebrities don’t understand: we don’t really care about you when you are not playing the part. When you do not play the role, you are not so interesting.

Your roles, your acting skills make you interesting. I must say that behind the scenes, when I am not involved in politics, my life is rather boring. I think most celebrities do not understand this, because they believe that they can say something very important. Even if they do something wild at the same time.

So, yesterday, Madonna posted a video that cannot be erased from memory. There, in the bath, she argues that coronavirus is the world’s greatest equalizer. She talks about this while sitting in a bath with rose petals! Just like all normal people, right? When I bathe a child, I also put rose petals in the bath, because it’s so customary with me!

Here the Madonna tells us all about coronavirus equality – probably being at the same time in her palace for millions of dollars, sitting in a bath with rose petals, like all normal people.

MADONNA, singer: COVID-19 – it doesn’t matter to you how rich you are, how famous you are, how funny you are, where you live, how old you are, what amazing stories you can tell. This is a great leveler.

And then the camera changes its angle – and there some guy plays the piano in her bathroom while she sits naked in the bath with rose petals!

So celebrities need our attention. Do not give them to him! I just broke my rule by paying attention to the Madonna, who is so desperately hungry for attention.

Besides … Yes, it’s true about COVID-19. It also has a simple name – death. Death is generally a good leveler! Yes … I think it’s time for us to get rid of this culture of celebrities?


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