Daily habits that can shorten your life

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time, scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of aging and find ways to help people stay young much longer. 

Previously, it was generally accepted that a person cannot influence the aging of the body. Recently, scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that life expectancy can be increased in a completely natural way.

The results of a study conducted by experts some time ago were published in the scientific journal BMJ Open. 

It demonstrated that there are four habits that can significantly shorten the life of everyone. It should be noted that these risks are quite realistic to avoid.


For a long time, experts have observed both men and women who regularly smoke. Research has shown that this incredibly bad habit can reduce life expectancy in males by at least 6.5 years, and in females by 5.5 years.

Stressful situations

Stress, regularly present in a person’s life, can shorten life by more than two years. Experts say that stressful situations can provoke the development of an inflammatory process in the body. The risk of developing heart problems or cancer is also significantly increased.

Lack of physical activity

Life expectancy can be reduced by more than 2.5 years if you do not play sports. Being active helps to lose weight, strengthen organs, normalize blood pressure and, in general, has a positive effect on the whole body.

Type 2 diabetes

Due to the disease, men can die earlier by 6.5 years, and women – by 5.3 years. Pathology is quite dangerous and increases the mortality rate from a variety of causes by about 1.85 times. Most of all there is a risk of stroke or heart problems.


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