Czech company develops VR avatars for ‘afterlife’

(ORDO NEWS) — Somnium Space, a Czech company that makes blockchain products, is about to launch an “eternal life” mode that will allow people to create digital avatars that mimic their appearance, voice and personality. These avatars will be able to function even after the owner’s death.

We all dream of living forever. In the traditional sense, this is not yet possible, but soon, perhaps, we will be able to recreate the identity of the deceased in virtual reality.

Artur Sychev, CEO of Somnium Space, wanted to find a way to preserve a person’s identity after death after losing their father a few years ago. In an interview with Vice, he talked about his plans to create an artificial intelligence that can interact with friends and family in a plausible way – at least for a short time.

“You will meet this person. And you, maybe, during the first 10 minutes of talking with this person would not have guessed that this is actually artificial intelligence. To create such an algorithm is our goal, ”says the founder of Somnium Space.

Live forever in the metaverse

The company is going to achieve this by collecting a huge amount of data. It will have to collect all kinds of personal data, including conversations, movements and facial expressions. With enough data, Somnium Space hopes to create a digital avatar that can have at least a short conversation before it becomes clear that you are a bot.

Recording all the data about yourself can be troubling for the user, especially at a time when people are more concerned about their online data and how it is used. However, the head of Somnium Spac does not believe that this should be a cause for concern.

At any time, someone can refuse the program and completely delete the data. Since the company runs on the blockchain, he also believes that its activities are transparent and trustworthy, especially since the company does not sell your data to anyone else.


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