Cyclops puppy was born in the Philippines

(ORDO NEWS) — A dog in the Tangalan municipality of Aklan province in the Philippines gave birth to a puppy with one eye located in the center of the muzzle. The portal GMA News Online reports.

Over the weekend, February 6-7, Amie d Martin shared photos of the puppy on social media. The animal lacked a nose, its muzzle was deformed, and its only eye was located in the center of its head. Cyclops died shortly after he was born.

The veterinarian explained that the puppy could have developed cyclopia due to the fact that his mother ingested the toxin while he was in the womb.

The owner plans to keep the body of the one-eyed puppy as a keepsake.

Cyclopia occurs in one in 16,000 animals, and most often those born with the mutation do not live long. The anomaly is named after a one-eyed giant from ancient Greek myths.

Earlier it was reported that a lamb with one eye and a deformed muzzle was born on a farm in the Indonesian province of West Java. Due to the deformation of the muzzle, the cyclops lamb found it difficult to breathe and eat.


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