Curiosity rover discovers strange rock on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Paul Scott Anderson posted a picture on his page on the social network Twitter, which depicts a stone with a very strange shape. He discovered it while researching a special archive.

Earlier, the Chinese rover fixed an incomprehensible cube on the lunar surface, which it reminded many of a hut. Everyone offered a variety of options for what it could be.

The new find did not become less interesting. Astronomers were given a picture from the surface of Mars. It clearly shows a stone, which, according to Twitter users, resembles a sex toy. It is worth noting that this stone was recorded by the Curiosity rover, which was sent to Mars back in 2012.

As the device moved across Gale Crater, it filmed Martian geology. After that, the pictures were placed in an archive specially created for this, so that everyone could get acquainted with them.

After the photo appeared on the social network, it attracted the attention of a huge number of users. Everyone began to actively discuss what caused the stone to acquire such smooth lines.

There was water on Mars for a very long time and, perhaps, it was she who caused such a strange appearance of the stone. There are suggestions that it was formed several billion years ago, not without the participation of liquid in the process. One of the users even noted that it could be a sex toy that an alien had inadvertently forgotten.

Crater lakes are found all over the surface of the Red Planet. They formed many billions of years ago, when water was still in liquid form on Mars.

Some of the craters contained a certain amount of water, but when it became too much, it flowed over the edges and this caused terrible floods.

Because of this, valleys of enormous size appeared, which can be observed today. Experts do not exclude the possibility that the smooth shape of the discovered stone could result from one of these severe floods.


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