Curiosity images show how far Mars is from Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The Curiosity rover continues its work on the study of the Red Planet. In 2020, the spacecraft surprised astronomers with rare images of the dusty skies of Mars, showing the crumbled Earth and even Venus.

In June 2020, Curiosity, about an hour after sunset, took two pictures, one showing Earth and one showing Venus.

When the images reached the astronomers, they stitched the two photographs together to create a panorama. The resulting overall frame reminds us how far Curiosity is from “home”.

Curiosity images show how far Mars is from Earth 2

Both planets are barely visible, just tiny specks of light against a brightly lit sky. However, the sky of Mars does not look like this all the time. In summer, a large amount of dust is present in the atmosphere of the planet.

It reflects sunlight, making the sky especially bright, which means the stars become much harder to see.


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