Cured of coronavirus face severe syndrome

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Dr. Paul Garner from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine said coronavirus is a long-term solution, as people after treatment will have serious consequences, namely chronic fatigue. The specialist knows firsthand what he is talking about, as he has experienced everything on himself.

The consequences of the disease can be terrible. Many patients after defeating Covid-19 cannot even get out of bed, as the body is completely weakened. Even a long rest does not help to cope with the problem. The only thing left is to wait. Paul Garnet noted that his relief of the syndrome, also called encephalomyelitis, began only at the 14th week.

Garner was researched by a true professional, but even he was powerless. He called the condition of a man fatigue after a viral disease.

After recuperation, Garner began to study the problem of coronavirus fatigue. As it turned out, there are many such people. In addition to the inability to conduct normal life activities, people also often experience muscle pain, pharyngitis and headaches.

According to an organization struggling with encephalomyelitis, 15% more people began to visit its site than before the epidemic. This is a clear statistic that speaks of the massiveness of the problem.

Fatigue syndrome often appears after the body fights against any infection. Coronavirus is also an infection, so there is nothing to be surprised at. People have no choice but to wait for the breakdown. Over time, the body recovers (this may take up to several months).


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