Crocodile on a plane : How an escaped predator led to one of the strangest plane crashes in history

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(ORDO NEWS) — People moved from dilapidated villages, vulnerable to predator attacks, to large cities. But can concrete boxes and technology hide and save from an angry beast? It turns out not always.

You can’t escape even on a plane…

A creepy and strange story…

Predators can lie in wait anywhere – even at an altitude of 9 thousand meters. In 2010, twenty people aboard a small plane in the Democratic Republic of the Congo must have thought they were safe.

After all, who can expect the appearance of a real crocodile during the flight?

Crocodile on board!

At that time (and maybe still today), the airlines of the Republic of the Congo did not care too much about safety.

Therefore, during a scheduled flight from Kinshasa to Bandunda, a passenger managed to carry a real crocodile in a sports bag onto the plane.

As the plane approached its destination, the predator released itself . The crocodile didn’t kill anyone – there was no need for that.

Plane crash

Crocodile on a plane How an escaped predator led to one of the strangest plane crashes in history 2
This is what the plane looked like

People were flying the Czech L-410, a small propeller-driven model often used for passenger flights in third world countries.

Seeing the crocodile, the flight attendant panicked and rushed into the cockpit. Her example was followed by all the passengers who jumped up from their seats and huddled together at one end of the aircraft.

Unfortunately, the L-410 couldn’t handle such dramatic weight changes…

The plane crashed on the house, which, fortunately, was empty. However, as a result of the crash, almost all passengers died.

Only two survived: the man who told the story… And the crocodile.

True, later local authorities sentenced the predator to death. Surely, so that he would not take it into his head to hijack and crash the plane again.


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