Crew Dragon crew have problems communicating with Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft cannot communicate with the Mission Control Centers in Houston and California via the ISS wireline.

Christopher Cassidy and Doug Hurley cannot make out what the Earth tells them, although they are well understood by the MCC. In this situation, astronauts and the MCC still have to communicate through the ship’s communication system, although Crew Dragon is successfully docked to the station and connected to the ISS power system and wired communication.

“This is beyond understanding, maybe we were able to hear and understand one word, but that’s all,” said Crew Dragon commander.

An hour later, the crew of Crew Dragon will be allowed to enter the station. While Christopher Cassidy and Doug Hurley clean up on the ship.

Astronauts will stay at the station for about three months, after which they will finish the Crew Dragon test by returning to Earth.


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