Creepy creature ashore in Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — In Australia’s Harvey Bay, a creepy creature washed up on the beach. It was like a pink jellyfish with processes like an octopus. This was reported by the environmental organization SCF Australia in its Twitter account.

A post with photos of a sea creature appeared on the social network. On one of them a human foot is also photographed for scale. Thus, users were able to understand how big the creature is. The caption to the publication reads: “Can anyone identify this?”

Users responded to the call and wondered what this creature could be. Some have suggested that this may be some kind of nudibranch. There are more than 2 thousand of them. Nevertheless, one of the users nevertheless clarified that the photographs presented Melibe leonina from the gastropod class.

It was previously reported that a deep-sea predator, a large-headed alepisaurus, was thrown out on the coast of Bering Island. Unusual fish managed to find the staff of the reserve “Commander”.


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