Creator of the first computer virus that caused mass infection

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — BBC reporters found the creator of the first computer virus that caused a massive infection. So, back in 2000, users of millions of computers around the world faced malware.

To infect computers with a virus, users were sent emails in which a file with the alluring name “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU” was attached, which in translation into Russian sounds like “love letter for you”. So, it was in this file that the malicious code was stored, which subsequently copied the files, stole passwords, redirecting data to all user contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

It turned out that the author of the famous malware turned out to be a 44-year-old man named Filipino Onela de Guzmán, who developed a virus to steal passwords and use free Internet. He shared that he did not expect his virus to infect so many computers. In addition, Guzman noted that he regrets that his virus caused so much trouble to the world. According to journalists, the author of the virus is currently repairing phones in Manila.

Note that this virus, in fact, brought a lot of troubles, because it infected almost 45 million cars. In order to eliminate the infection, some IT managers had to disconnect some of the infrastructures. According to experts, the damage from this virus amounted to billions of pounds.


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