Created synthetic tooth enamel that is stronger than real

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have developed synthetic tooth enamel that mimics the composition and structure of the biological hard outer coating of teeth. At the same time, it is harder than natural tooth enamel!

In the future, synthetic enamel may solve the problem of caries

In a study published in the journal Science , an international team of chemical and structural engineers described a synthetic enamel that is superior to the real thing. In the future, it may become an ideal solution to the problem of caries.

Synthetic enamel consists of hydroxyapatite nanowires intertwined with polyvinyl alcohol polymer chains. According to the researchers, it has an atomic, nano- and microscale structure similar to natural enamel.

The scientists tested the new material by applying it to various objects, including human teeth. They found that the material “demonstrated high stiffness, hardness, strength, viscoelasticity, and toughness, surpassing the properties of enamel and previously manufactured enamel-based bulk materials . ”

While researchers do not think about the commercial use of new synthetic enamel, the material continues to be tested.

However, scientists note that if everything goes smoothly, in the future the structure they created can be used not only in dentistry.

Its rigidity and high vibration resistance can be crucial in the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. The material can also be used in pacemakers, to hold broken bones together, and to make helmets for soldiers.


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