Created an almost silent ion-powered drone

(ORDO NEWS) — The device creates a noise level below 70 dB.

Imagine an all-electric drone with zero emissions and no noise. It can fly anywhere, virtually undetected, and can be used in situations ranging from search and rescue to military operations. Now such a drone exists, and it runs on ion propulsion.

Last month, a Florida-based tech startup called Undefined Technologies unveiled a silent eVTOL drone with an unusual design called the Silent Ventus that runs on ion propulsion.

“Silent Ventus is a prime example of our intention to create a progressive and less noisy urban environment,” said Thomas Prybanik, founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies.

“Design brings us closer to the final product and allows us to demonstrate the dual use of our technology.”

The drone uses patented technology to activate the ion cloud surrounding the craft. This allows it to generate high levels of ion thrust in the atmosphere and fly in near silence.

The engineers leading the tests reported that the flight time of the ship was five times longer than the previous version, which created a noise level of less than 85 decibels.

According to the Undefined Technologies website, the drone “uses new physical principles to generate noise levels below 70dB.”

This would make it ideal for use in areas where acceptable noise levels for residential, industrial and commercial areas range from 50dB to 70dB.

For comparison, most drones produce noise in the region of 85-96 dB. Time will tell if the new “silent” drones will usher in a new era of quiet drones that don’t harm the environment and get the job done.


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