Created a tester that determines COVID-19 in 45 seconds

(ORDO NEWS) — The Finnish company Deep Sensing Algorithms has developed a new tester. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to detect coronavirus particles in exhaled air in just 45 seconds.

At the same time, the developers managed to issue a pan-European medical certificate for their invention, which they called the DSA BreathPass.

At its core, the device resembles a breathalyzer. Its use is also unlikely to cause problems for anyone: a person only needs to exhale into the device, then wait 45 seconds and get information if there are particles of a coronavirus infection in the exhaled air.

It is reported that the device is accurate enough to be used for medical purposes.

Interestingly, airports have already shown interest in the novelty, wishing to introduce rapid testing technologies for COVID-19 to protect passengers.


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