Created a plant that extracts water from the air

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from China and Saudi Arabia have created a special hydrogel coating for solar panels that allows you to extract water from the dry desert air.

Experts called the system an inexpensive strategy to improve food and water security for people living in regions with arid climates.

Using water from the air, researchers were able to grow 57 out of 60 spinach seeds in Saudi Arabia in two hot weeks. According to the journal Cell Reports Physical Science, this system will be useful for small farms in deserts or on oceanic islands.

According to scientists, the installation makes water from air using clean energy. It consists of a photovoltaic panel placed on top of a layer of hydrogel.

Experts noted that the hydrogel can effectively absorb water vapor from the surrounding air and release the water contained in it when heated. Waste heat from solar panels in power generation is used to remove absorbed water from the facility.


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