Created a pencil that allows you to draw on paper and on the screen

(ORDO NEWS) — The company has released an unusual gadget for all those who like to draw.

Pen 2 is a unique stylus that can control screens and leave a mark on plain paper.

All thanks to the special tip material. It is inferior to graphite, so the mark on the paper is dimmer than from a classic pencil.

At the same time, Pen 2 can distinguish 4096 levels of pressure on the screen.

Of the minuses: the material grinds down on paper, which is why you need to periodically change the tip.

On a single charge, the gadget will last 10 hours.

The stylus has a built-in vibration motor. It is needed for tactile feedback during the arts.

The stylus will be bundled with MSI Creator Z laptops that have touch screens.

The first sales of the next line will start in early 2023. Perhaps the stylus can be purchased separately.

The price of laptops starts at $2,999. The cost of the pencil itself is not specified.


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