Created a 3D model of a man from the year 3000

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at Toll Free Forwarding have shown what humans might look like from the distant future, 800 years after our time. The human model from the year 3000 has been named Mindy, according to The Daily Mail.

The creators of the project proceeded from the fact that people will become more and more dependent on gadgets, and this will have an impact on evolution.

They reviewed scientific research and sought expert opinion before turning to a 3D designer.

Based on the data obtained, the appearance of a person was created, “whose body has physically changed due to the constant use of smartphones, laptops and other technologies.”

Mindy has a hunched back, a wide neck, a deformed arm, and even a second pair of eyelids. Scientists explained that the constant need to lean towards the screen of a computer or smartphone will eventually lead to a curvature of the spine.

The development of “smartphone elbow” is also possible. It occurs when a person often holds their hand at a 90-degree angle.

This position can stretch the nerve behind the elbow and put pressure on it. The hand will begin to resemble a claw in order to more conveniently hold the gadget.

The scientists also explained the thicker neck of the model. It can occur due to excessive muscle tension in the back associated with keeping the head in the correct position for reading the screen.

Other features of Mindy include a thicker skull and a smaller brain. The inner eyelid appeared to protect the lens from excessive light.


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