COVID-19 vaccine research data published in US

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Preliminary test results on mouse vaccines of the American biotechnology company Moderna against coronavirus show that a single dose can prevent infection. The text of the study was published June 12 on the scientific portal bioRxiv.

It is noted that scientists introduced different doses of the vaccine to six-week-old mice, and then exposed the experimental subjects to the virus.

As a result, experts found that the test drug is a “powerful immunogenic substance” and is effective even after a single dose. In addition, the vaccine does not complicate the course of the disease, as was the case with some previous samples, and also protects the lungs without signs of toxic effects.

The study also showed that the substance causes a powerful response to neutralize the virus antibodies, which is needed to block the virus, preventing infection of cells.

At the same time, scientists emphasized that the results do not guarantee the same data after testing in humans.


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