COVID-19 pandemic prevents outbreak of mysterious paralyzing disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the fact that quarantine restrictions were introduced, enterovirus, which provokes a neurological disease, began to spread less.

A new study by specialists has shown that the outbreak of a mysterious paralyzing disease in 2020 did not occur only because the coronavirus began to spread. In this case, we are talking about acute flaccid myelitis. This disease has a lot in common with polio.

In most cases, the pathology affects young children and provokes the onset of muscle weakness. Sometimes even irreversible paralysis may occur. Deaths are not uncommon.

Sang Woo Pak and his colleagues found that the disease appears in even years. He was recorded in 2014, 2016, and also in 2018. Experts are sure that such a picture arises under the influence of climatic factors.

Experts were confident that an outbreak would also occur in 2020, but this did not happen due to the introduction of quarantine.

At the same time, there are suggestions that because of this pass, the situation could become more dangerous and provoke a drop in immunity in the population. That is why experts suggest that in the future, the number of cases in the event of a new outbreak may increase significantly.


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