COVID-19 can cause chronic fatigue syndrome

(ORDO NEWS) — Back when the pandemic first started, many doctors assumed that COVID-19 could trigger the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. Scientists conducted a new study and their fears were confirmed.

The conducted study demonstrated that even a mild form of the coronavirus is enough for patients to experience symptoms indicating chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS.

Employees of the network of Charite clinics conducted an examination of 42 people who complained of very strong fatigue that does not disappear anywhere.

At the same time, they noted that there was a serious disruption in daily functioning half a year after the patients contracted the coronavirus.

Most of the patients could not cope with even light work for several hours. Some are not even able to take care of themselves.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that only three people out of 42 were hospitalized with coronavirus, but they did not need oxygen during treatment.

32 people suffered from the disease in a mild form, they did not encounter pneumonia, but at the same time, the patients had a cough, severe muscle pain, and fever for two weeks.

All patients did not have vaccinations, because the infection occurred at the very beginning of the pandemic.

Neurologists, cardiologists, immunologists, endocrinologists and other specialists took part in the study at Sherite.

In addition, they compared the results of examinations of those 19 people who encountered CFS not due to the coronavirus.

The obtained results of the study will allow scientists to find certain ways to effectively treat not only post-covid syndrome, but also chronic fatigue syndrome, which a huge number of people face after being infected with the coronavirus.


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