Coronavirus vaccine will not return humanity to normal life

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(ORDO NEWS) — British scientists have come to the conclusion that even the most effective vaccine in the near future will not force the authorities to abandon quarantine restrictions. The British Royal Society calls for a more realistic look at things, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

As early as next spring, the world hopes to return to normal, as companies should already release their vaccines, which are currently being tested. Scientists noted that the vaccine will not be the basis for quarantining.

Experts do not exclude the need for a gradual easing of restrictions, but their complete abolition is unacceptable, since vaccination of the population will take at least a year, and not the richest countries will need even more time.

Vaccine development has always been accompanied by many failures, said Fiona Kalli of the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London. Some forecasts say that a small percentage of people will be able to get the vaccine this year. There is no talk of returning to normal life yet.

RNA vaccines are something new for humanity, so every step of vaccination will be accompanied by scientific observations to determine the effect of vaccines on different people. Another issue is raw materials and capacities. Some vaccines require storage at -80 ° C.

The rate of vaccination against coronavirus must exceed that for influenza. So far, scientists are not sure whether the developed means provoke a sufficient immune response. The vaccines may not be effective enough. Experts are also concerned about the rate at which the formulations are spreading. Not all countries will be able to purchase vaccines in a short time and organize a vaccination campaign, so there is no talk of an early end to the pandemic.


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