Coronavirus tests are not accurate: scientists shocked the world with new findings

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(ORDO NEWS) — A huge number of inhabitants of the planet who managed to get sick with a coronavirus believe that they managed to defeat the disease. But to verify this at 100% is not possible.

In addition, the scientists failed to prove that people who have been ill with coronavirus develop immunity to the disease in the future, so tests can not always detect antibodies in the blood.

This conclusion was made by scientists from the USA, Canada and Brazil, who conducted a detailed analysis of testing for antibodies to coronavirus in several other countries. In the end, they made a very disappointing statement. The results of the study were published in the famous medical journal BMJ.

Absolutely all infections, and coronavirus was no exception, provoke the production of special antibodies IgM and IgG in the human body. In some patients, antibodies can be detected literally a week after infection enters the body. But due to the fact that coronavirus is a rather specific disease, antibodies begin to appear in the blood only after two, or even three weeks from the moment of infection.

The presence of antibodies suggests that the immune system began to fight the infection and can protect the body from infection in the future. At the same time, specialists cannot at least roughly say how long-term this protection is.

But the problem also lies in the fact that about a third of the tests for antibodies turned out to be false, because they showed a negative result. In this case, the infection was already present in the patient’s body.

The reason for this may be not only that coronavirus is a specific disease, but also incorrectly designed tests that have a low sensitivity to certain antibodies.


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