Coronavirus returned to Wuhan: new patients have no symptoms

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Wuhan and some other major cities in China have again become centers where coronavirus is spreading at an incredible speed. Literally in a day more than 10 new cases were recorded, but all of them were asymptomatic. This indicates that the coronavirus can return again at any time.

The fact that the coronavirus is returning again became known on May 11. During the day, experts discovered 17 new cases. All patients do not have any symptoms of the disease. This suggests that the virus was detected by accident. If special tests and screenings were not carried out, then these people would continue to infect others without even knowing that they are sick.

Doctors say that in Wuhan itself there are already more than one hundred people sick with coronavirus and at the same time do not have clearly expressed symptoms. It is worth noting that no new cases have been recorded in the city since the beginning of April. In connection with this, hard quarantine was canceled. The authorities say that they will do everything possible so that there is no ‚Äúsecond wave” of the virus.

In total, more than 84 thousand patients were recorded in China. Despite the fact that the coronavirus began to spread in China, many other countries in terms of the number of infected have long overtaken it. Despite the huge number of cases of infection, in other countries, quarantine also begins to gradually soften and some enterprises, clothing stores and other non-food items are opening. At the same time, people should take care of their safety and wear masks, as well as use antiseptics and wash their hands as often as possible, try not to visit places with a large crowd of residents of a city.


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