Coronavirus patients burned alive in Wuhan crematoria

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, an article was published stating that patients who were hopelessly ill with a coronavirus were burned alive in Wuhan crematoria.

Residents of Wuhan have repeatedly heard terrible screams that came from the furnaces of the funeral home. Some patients who were treated in local hospitals reported that they still put live people in body bags immediately.

This information may turn out to be false, because in fact, China has not reacted to such rumors. But many say that hospital staff selected older patients who were unlikely to survive the disease and sent them alive to incinerators.

Due to this, it was possible to free up space for new infected. In some sources, you can even find witnesses. For example, a man named Ma talked about how many residents really heard screams. Only seriously ill patients were sent to the crematorium, who most likely would have died soon.

Due to the huge number of deaths, many crematoriums could not cope with the load and as a result were closed. Later, factory owners said that they put several bodies in one combustion chamber at once in order to do their job.

Repeatedly there were statements from relatives who were given the ashes of the dead, which indicated that they found foreign objects in the remains that did not exactly belong to their relatives.


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