Coronavirus patient comes out of coma and speaks with Scottish accent

(ORDO NEWS) — For 11 weeks, a resident of the small village of Aintree (Australia, Merseyside County) fought with a coronavirus infection. Everything was so serious that 46-year-old Wayne Oldham was put into an artificial coma. When he finally woke up, he realized that he spoke with an English accent.

The man shared that after a coma, he was like a madman. The speech was not entirely coherent and with a Scottish accent, the body did not listen at all. Wayne was paralyzed: he could only move his head a little.

After coming out of a coma, the man was delirious. He called his wife Louise and accused her of not visiting him for more than two months. Wayne then announced that he would run away from home and become a milkman. When, after some quarrel, he took off his oxygen mask, he spoke with an accent.

The coma lasted six weeks. The man was forced to learn to walk again, doing different exercises every day. We can say that the story of the Australian ended not in the best way, but still good. Today he is at home.


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