Coronavirus pandemic will last at least another two years

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — American researchers said that humanity will fight the pandemic for at least another couple of years, since Covid-19 turned out to be much more contagious and more dangerous than flu. From time to time, outbreaks of infection will recur.

The worst-case scenario suggests that a new epidemic will appear this fall. The spread of coronavirus will stop when the reproduction index R0 is less than 1. Now it is from 1.4 to 5.7. This means that every infected person passes the infection to almost 6 people (from 1 to 6 in different regions). This scatter is associated with an undeveloped system for testing citizens on Covid-19 in most countries.

The authorities of certain states managed to achieve a reproduction index of less than 1. However, scientists note that the virus can still not be stopped until 60-70% of people gain immunity, and this requires infection.

Different scenarios involve small or large outbreaks during this year and next. In any case, the strain will periodically return, so you need to be prepared for this.


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