Coronavirus pandemic saved thousands of lives in New Zealand

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(ORDO NEWS) — For the second year already, the coronavirus infection has prevented people from living normally on all continents of the world. Chaos, panic, fear, thousands of deaths, a collapsed economy are just a small part of the negative consequences from Covid-19. But in only one country, the pandemic has had a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Before coming to this conclusion, scientists analyzed the mortality trend between 2016 and 2020. They created a model according to which they were able to find out how many lives could have been saved if not for the coronavirus infection.

Scientists have studied the indicators of not all countries, but only 29. Among them were: the United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Israel and another 25 states. 

Due to the pandemic, a total of 979 thousand people have died in these countries. However, the spike in mortality was not observed everywhere. It turned out that in New Zealand, the death rate decreased by 2,500 people. 

Why this happened is unknown. Doctors suggest that quarantine measures are more responsible in New Zealand than in other countries. Because of this, the incidence of other dangerous viruses and bacteria has decreased. Perhaps the reasons are related not only to compliance with the rule during the lockdown, but also to factors such as: 

  • high level of vaccination among the population;
  • no obesity problems;
  • climatic conditions.

But it is too early to draw conclusions about the impact of coronavirus infection on human life, scientists are confident. It will take years to get the data you need.


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