Coronavirus pandemic has affected the brain development of teenagers

(ORDO NEWS) — Humanity will study the consequences of the coronavirus for a very long time . The disease left an indelible mark on everyone: the elderly and children.

A recent study showed that due to the pandemic, the brains of teenagers have aged, in the literal sense of the word. It’s creepy and scary at the same time.

The research was conducted by scientists from Stanford University.

They studied how the virus and the pandemic affected teenagers aged 15-16. It turned out that due to stress factors, which are closely related to the pandemic, the brains of teenagers aged abnormally.

With the advent of the coronavirus , the number of complaints about anxiety and depression in the world increased by 25%. And this is only in 2020.

Global studies conducted in various countries after the start of the pandemic showed that young people experienced the consequences of the lockdown more acutely.

The mental health of young people has deteriorated sharply. But what happens at the physical level with the brain, researchers did not know before.

The author of the study Jan Gottlieb told about what is happening with the main body. Scientists have discovered changes in the very structure of the brain.

Comparing the MRI results of 163 children aged 15-16 before the pandemic and after it, the scientists concluded that brain development accelerated. The natural pace of development should be much slower.

Yang and his team are confident that this factor will have a significant impact on further research.

Now scientists will have to take into account the abnormal development of the brain in any scientific work that concerns the younger generation.

Children have grown up dramatically during the pandemic, whether this is good or bad is not yet known.

Similar metamorphoses are observed during various disasters and cataclysms. For example, because of the war, children also accept the world as cruel earlier and grow up faster.

But now it is difficult to understand whether the pandemic and social factors or the disease itself influenced the anomaly.


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