Coronavirus message from aliens appeared on the field

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have been arguing about the origin of circles for many years. Hypotheses are expressed very different, but so far there is no single answer to this question.

Earlier, we wrote that the first circle in the field appeared in the UK in 2020, and on May 28 a new drawing appeared in Wiltshire. However, this time it is very strange, unlike the previous pictograms.

Netizens immediately found some similarities in the picture with the image of the coronavirus, from which all of humanity is now suffering.

Ufologists immediately started talking about the possible connection of aliens with the appearance of the virus on Earth, they say, this is their work. In support of this, they cite the theory of a British scientist who stated that the coronavirus could fly from outer space in October 2019.

Perhaps, according to ufologists, the aliens want to tell something to humanity, but what exactly remains a mystery.


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