Coronavirus may have been caused by snakes, not bats

(ORDO NEWS) — After analyzing all the data, experts came to the conclusion that it was snakes (Chinese krait, Chinese cobra) that could spread COVID-19 around the world.

Covid was first detected in humans at the end of December 2019 in China (in Wuhan). It is believed that this virus first arose in snakes: the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra. This was revealed after analyzing the genetic sequences of 2019-nCoV and other known coronaviruses.

It turned out that the virus is most similar to that found in bats (therefore, it was initially believed that they were its source). However, a more detailed bioinformatics analysis of the 2019-nCoV sequence demonstrated that covid may come from snakes.

Coronavirus may have been caused by snakes not bats 2

In order to come to this conclusion, the experts studied the protein codes of 2019-nCoV and compared them with the protein codes of coronaviruses in birds, snakes, hedgehogs, bats, etc. It turned out that these codes were most similar to snake codes.

It must be said that snakes often prey on bats. Moreover, in China, snakes were previously sold on the market, so there is a possibility that covid moved from bats to these snakes. But it is still unclear how such a virus could adapt to both warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals.


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