Coronavirus-like: in the UK a strange pattern appeared on the field

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Various crop circles appear not the first time, but to this day no one can say what it is: someone else’s joke or really a manifestation of something anomalous. Another mystery was found in Wiltshire (UK).

The “message” was discovered on the field on May 28. This time the drawing is very, very strange, it does not at all look like past “works of art” left in the same field. As soon as the photo was published on the Web, users immediately noticed a resemblance to coronavirus.

Some people are sure that the locals created the pattern (after all, the geometry of the picture is simple). Others began to talk about the connection of aliens with a pandemic.

Allegedly they are to blame for the suffering of mankind. As evidence, commentators cite the opinion of the British scientist Chandra Wickramasingh, who said that the coronavirus could fly from space.

Some ufologists believe that the message aliens want to say something important to people. Maybe how to deal with misfortune. The number of cases today is falling, but not as fast as we would like.

There are almost 6.3 million cases in the world. I am glad that among them the mortality rate is small (about 400 thousand people have died all the time, according to official statistics). We can say that the world will struggle with a new infection throughout 2020: a new outbreak is forecasted for autumn, moreover, on a larger scale.


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