Coronavirus: “kill them” says Filipino President about offenders

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has warned of violators of containment measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus that they are at risk of being shot, and said that ill-treatment of medical personnel is a serious crime which would not be tolerated.

Duterte said in a television address that it was vital that everyone cooperated in the fight against the coronavirus and respected the containment measures, while the authorities tried to stop the spread of the pandemic and fear overloading. of the fragile health system.

The country has recorded 96 deaths and 2,311 confirmed cases of infection, all in the past three weeks, and new cases of infection are now reported by the hundreds daily.

“It is getting worse. So once again I see how serious the problem is and you have to listen,” said Duterte on Wednesday evening. “My orders to the police and the army (…) If there is unrest and there is a possibility that they will fight back, with a risk for your lives, kill them by bullet”, a he added.

“Is this understood correctly? Dead. Instead of causing trouble, I will bury you,” said the head of state.

Activists have criticized Duterte for his rhetoric and accused him of inciting violence and vigilantism, as they say in the war waged by the President of the Philippines against drug trafficking. Thousands of people accused of taking or selling drugs have been killed by the police or gunmen.


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