Coronavirus infected tens of millions of people: a new study of scientists

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The number of officially confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has been reduced by several times. Scientists from Germany are sure of this. After official reports were studied, they concluded that only 6% of patients enter medical facilities.

Accordingly, to date, in fact, in the United States alone, there are about 10 million patients with coronavirus.

Also, scientists were able to establish why mortality is so high in some countries. The reason for this is that only a small number of infected were detected in them. In the USA this indicator is even less. At the same time, about half of patients with coronavirus were found in South Korea.

The authors of the study said that on March 31, in fact, almost half a million people were infected. Such data do not at all coincide with the official. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University estimated that around 900,000 new infections were reported worldwide that day.

Sebastian Vollmer says that the authorities need to revise the algorithm for conducting tests, because the difference between the official data and what actually exists is too big. The scale of testing is still insufficient and on April 3, there were actually not a million patients, but tens of millions.


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