CORONAVIRUS HOROSCOPE: the zodiac signs that are in danger

(ORDO NEWS) — Human health depends not only on genetics and lifestyle, but also on the sign of the zodiac. It has been proven that representatives of the same sign often have similar diseases and “weak points”.

Capricorn – This sign has strong immunity by nature, so he need not be afraid of a new virus. But what you should pay attention to – mental health and joints. It is recommended to take mineral complexes.

Aquarius – Representatives of this sign easily carry respiratory infections, which include coronaviruses. If there are ailments, they are mainly associated with the nervous system and blood vessels. It is recommended to consume more foods with vitamins B and E.

Fish – They do not tolerate various troubles in life: stress and tension are exhausting and reduce immunity. As a result, Pisces are susceptible to absolutely all diseases.

Aries – This sign has received strong immunity, but often is not able to maintain it. With age, Aries acquire many diseases, however, despite this, the coronavirus is still not very scary for them.

Taurus – Also a very strong sign in terms of immunity. The weak points are perhaps the throat and larynx, so wear a scarf in cool weather.

Gemini – They have weak lungs and trachea. Since coronavirus often infects the lungs, this sign needs to heed whatever is said about the new virus.

Cancer – Excessive sensitivity makes this sign vulnerable to almost all diseases, since immunity suffers during experiences. It is recommended to carefully monitor your health.

Leo – Representatives of this sign get sick a little, and if they pick up something, they quickly get to their feet. They definitely need not be afraid of the coronavirus.

Virgo – This sign has good immunity, but as soon as it becomes sad, viruses immediately cling. We advise you to switch your attention to pleasant things.

Libra – They are not the most resistant to diseases, but their immunity cannot be called bad either. In case of infection, representatives of the sign tolerate diseases well without complications. The most vulnerable parts of the body are the kidneys and spine.

Scorpio – This battle sign cannot boast of good health. Often has problems with the throat, heart, back. During outbreaks of various kinds of infections, he needs to be very careful.

Sagittarius – Often picks up diseases first. His lungs are especially vulnerable, so questions about coronavirus need to be treated carefully.


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