Coronavirus helped catch a criminal thought to be dead

(ORDO NEWS) — Nicholas Rossi was searched throughout the United States of America, because the man had previously been accused of sexual violence. In 2020, the search for the criminal was stopped, because he died.

Some time later, Rossi was nevertheless discovered by police in one of the Scottish hospitals. The man was alive, but not completely healthy. He was hospitalized after he contracted the coronavirus.

Rossi was also known as Nicholas Alaverdyan. Utah police officers were looking for him because he had been accused of sexual harassment some time ago.

Law enforcement agencies recorded the first case in 2008 in Utah, when he attacked a young woman. The next incident occurred ten years later in Ohio. The man’s prosecution was halted after he “died” in late winter 2020 from lymphoma.

The police were able to reveal this deception quite by accident only two years later. As it turned out, Rossi lived in Scotland, in Glasgow and called himself Arthur Knight. Most recently, he ended up in the hospital due to the fact that he contracted the coronavirus.

The American police made a statement that they collected a lot of DNA samples, as well as fingerprints, which will allow them to extradite the criminal without any problems. Lawyer Jeffrey Pine noted that he did not fully believe that his client had died and did not take this news seriously.

David Leavitt, who holds the position of Utah District Attorney, in turn, said that the criminal could have been quite successfully absconding from justice if he had not been helped to find the coronavirus. He stressed that in the modern world it is very difficult to live outside the system.


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